DANCE!ONLINE is a free online dancing game from Acclaim
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6.20.2008 (See all)
Acclaim Games Inc.

DANCE!ONLINE is a free online dancing game from Acclaim.
In order to play the game, you must obtain a username and password from the Acclaim Site. This username and password are valid for every Acclaim game, but you must register in every game you wish to play.

The provided link download an installer that when executed downloads the real program from Internet, and installs it in your computer. That´s a HUGE 183 Mb. download, that will take some time (don´t play this game if you don´t have a broadband service).

After the installation, the program performs an update from the server. That takes some time, too.

In DANCE!ONLINE you´ll have to dance to the music, using the keyboard or a dance pad. Each theme will have signs that will show you which movement are you supposed to perform in a given moment. The possible movements are up, down, left and right. You must perform this movements exactly when directed to do so. If you fail, you loose.

You can compete with users from different parts of the world. You can even chat with them, before going to dance.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s visually attractive. The sound is excellent


  • It takes a lot of resources from your computer. It becomes rather boring and repetitive in a short period
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